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It is very important when choosing a school to look around and have the opportunity to ask questions which are important to you and your child. We warmly encourage such visits and parents/carers wishing to visit our school are invited to telephone the school office to arrange a suitable time.

Choice of Schools

Parents and carers may now select the school of their choice for their child. If they do not live in the school's normal catchment area, the offer of a place is dependent upon availability. We are delighted to welcome children from out of our catchment area. Many children from Wetherby and the surrounding area currently attend our school.

Admission Procedures

Parents/carers considering applying for a place for their child at our school are warmly invited to telephone to make an appointment to visit our school in action. Additionally, we hold Open Mornings on a Thursday and Friday each October for prospective parents and carers. This provides an opportunity to see the school at work and to meet teaching staff, teaching assistants, Governors and members of the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA).

Starting school in September 2018:

If you live in North Yorkshire and your child is eligible to start primary school (i.e. a child born between 1.9.15 and 31.8.16 inclusive), please follow the guidance below. If you live outside North Yorkshire you should contact your home authority to obtain their information regarding school admissions. If this is Leeds (for families in Wetherby), please click here.  If you want a place at a school in another authority’s area you must list it on your common application form. If you require further informartion about this process, please do not hesitate to contact school to discuss with a member of our team. 

North Yorkshire County Council is the Local Authority (LA), which is the admissions authority for this school. You will find the information you need to apply for a school place at, including:

  • the criteria used by the authority to allocate school places;
  • arrangements for the admission of pupils to primary schools, including any special or social reasons why your child should be given special consideration for allocation to a particular school;
  • details of arrangements that apply to particular schools in your area;
  • eligibility for home-to-school transport;
  • the online common application form, as well as how to complete it, which you need to do to start the application process.

If you do not have internet access, you can contact the Admissions Team on 01609 533679 to request a copy of the information to parents/carers, admission to schools information and a paper copy of the common application form.

You must submit the online common application form no later than 15 January 2018 for entry into school in September 2018.

Confirmation of the school places allocated to your child will be sent to you in mid-April 2018.

Children are admitted full-time in September at the beginning of the academic year in which they will reach their fifth birthday. 

If you wish to enquire about transferring to our school at any other time, please contact the school office on 01937 582494 and The Admissions Team on 01609 533679, or by email on [email protected].

Preliminary Visits

You and your child/children are invited to school for preliminary visits during the Summer half term before entry in September. You will also be invited to PTFA events during the Spring and Summer Terms. These visits are very useful for both yourselves and your children, as they provide a gradual introduction to school life which enables the different members of our school community, including staff, parents and carers, children and friends of the school, to get to know each other. 

The North Yorkshire County Council website provides the latest advice on this year’s key dates and admission procedures, lists the order of priority for admissions and answers frequently asked questions on the admissions process. Parents who require support with the admissions procedure are asked to contact the school office.

Apply for a place online by clicking here.

View the North Yorkshire County Council Admissions Policy, which applies to families living in North Yorkshire by clicking here.

View the Leeds City Council Admissions Policy, which applies to families applying to this school from outside of North Yorkshire by clicking here.