Thai Link Strengthened

Following a hugely successful exchange visit to Sicklinghall in May 2017 by pupils from Satit Prasarnmit Demonstration School (Elementary), Bangkok, the link betwen our schools was further strengthened in October in preparation for our pupils' visit to Thailand in March. Mr Shillito visited to meet with Asst. Prof Dr Noppandon Kongslip and spent the week touring the school and assessing the activities that pupils will take part in later in the year. 

The federation of Goldsborough and Sicklinghall will take up to 11 pupils in Years 5 and 6 to Bangkok during February half term. Planned activities include participation in Prasarnmit's annual 'Khon' Performance at the Thai National Theatre, a visit to a centre for Thai Culture to find out more about life in rural Thailand and three full days attending lessons and after school activities in school. 

Mr Shillito, staff from Prasarnmit, pupils who visited our schools and their parents met for a presentation morning during the week, as part of which memories of a very successful two week visit were shared. Our schools very much look forward to developing this special friendship yet further. 

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