Young Voices 2016

Friday 22nd January was a very special day for our school choir. Not content with having performed in the Royal Hall and Harrogate International Centre, our collaborative choir set their sights on the Sheffield Arena and the Young Voices 20th Anniversary Concert. What an exceptional day it was! We began with a hearty meal in the Harvester just across the road from the venue and were delighted to be told by the waiting staff and a dining couple how exceptional our behaviour was. With full tummies and lungs full of energy, we made the short journey to the arena by foot. We were greeted by a camera crew wanting to know where we had come from. Step up Dominic who did a great job of explaining that we were Sicklinghall and Goldsborough! 

Following an afternoon of rehearsals, we were ready for the big performance (after a hearty packed tea). The 5000 strong choir made up of pupils from across Yorkshire had now been joined by 6000 proud parents and family members! We sang, we danced, we sang some more and we also enjoyed great performances from some of the acts that also took part in the event. Some of us were so full of our experience, that we chattered all the way home on the bus. Some of us were so full of our experience, that we slept all the way home. What a day! 


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