Pupil Voice Conference- Pavilions of Harrogate

On Friday 4th November, pupils from Sicklinghall and Goldsborough attended the first Pupil Voice Conference at Pavilions of Harrogate. It was a brilliant day which started with a group of pupils (including our very own George P) opening the conference and explaining the role of Ambassadors within the HART Alliance.

The day was action packed, beginning with a workshop considering the plight of refugees who come to our country. We listened to a refugee from Africa explain what it was like to come to the UK as a child and how she has integrated into our society with the help of family, friends and organisations. We then considered what it is to be human- a big question for anyone to answer, but our pupils did a great job of 'getting stuck in' to the acting which formed part of the workshop. In the afternoon, we put two local members of the community 'in the hot seat'- a councillor from Scarborough and a Detective Chief Superintendent from North Yorkshire Police- some brilliant questions were asked.

Finally, we listened to a keynote speech from the multiple medal winning Paralympian, Kadeena Cox, fresh from her triumphs at the Paralympics in Rio. She was a true inspiration and she even allowed us to handle her medals!

It was a brilliant day and a fantastic first conference. Our pupils now very much look forward to taking what they have learnt back into school, to our school council and to the wider school community to do what the conference told us we can all do: MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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