Fellside Residential Visit

Day 5- Bear Grylls has nothing on the Goldinghall/Sicklborough team. We spent this morning collecting wood and building fires to toast our marshmallows, which rounded off a fantastic week! Our fires were pretty impressive too. Look out for plenty of photos of our week on the website soon! 

Day 4- Another day done at Fellside and it's almost time to come home! It has been yet another action packed day and we all fear how difficult it will be to rise from our beds tomorrow morning! Today, we have climbed using ropes, carabiners and harnesses- the photos definitely show off our Bonington-like skills! We also went down a disused lead mine that sits underneath Causey Pike and next to Catbells (without missing the opportunity to remind ourselves just how awesome we were to climb it yesterday). The mine was dark, cold and packed full of lead and we even had the opportunity to find some lead or quartz of our own to bring back! This evening saw the inaugural Goldshall/Sicklingborough Talent Show launched in splendid surroundings (Fellside's front lounge) and a wide range of acts entertained the ammassed crowds with confidence. We're now settled into bed ready for a morning of Bushcraft and bag packing ready to return home. Note to mums and dads- please sit down when you open your child's bag tomorrow as it may not look anything like the bag you helped them to pack four days ago... please remember that artists such as Tracy Emin make a lot of money from creating masterpieces that look very similar to the sight you may be greeted with at hometime tomorrow. ;-) 

Day 3- Greetings from Fellside! We've had another brilliant day today; it has been packed full of challenge, achievement, highs (literally) and the only low being a brief rainshower during the evening. Today, we have climbed a mountain and scrambled up Honsiter Ghyll. We are so proud of our achievements as neither was particularly easy. Catbells on a hot day gave us the opportunity to push ourselves and the feeling at reaching the summit was magical! Honister Ghyll was a welcome cool wade through cool clear water which culminated in a plunge into a pool at the end - even all of our teachers jumped in! It was quiz night tonight and our brains were tested with an entertaninment round, a science and the arts round, politics round and a general knowledge round- the results were so close! We've now gone to bed after a long, tiring day and we look forward to another day of fun and challenge in the sunshine tomorrow! We hope you're enjoying the week! 

Lots of love, 


Day 2- What an awesome day we've had today! Not only did the sun shine all day, but we had the privilege of spending the whole day on Bassenthwaite Lake! We have canoed, kayaked and sailed along, across and around the lake and enjoyed a splash and a rinse to round off the day's hard work. To complete our day, we have enjoyed a BBQ of homemade burgers and juicy sausages in the sunshine of our huge private garden, followed by some sports and some impromptu gymnastics. We have now retired to bed ready for another big day tomorrow.

Sleep well, lots of love,


Good morning from the Fellsiders! We are up, dressed, washed (well, most of us) and we have enjoyed a hearty breakfast of crispy bacon smothered in steaming beans on a bed of hot toast. Everyone is smiling, chatting and cementing their friendships following last night's exciting river bridge building task. We are just about ready to receive instructions for our day on Bassenthwaite Lake- what a perfect day for it! Plenty of sun cream, lots of water and waterproofs are on the list for us to organise before we leave. Look out for an update this evening following our lake day and an evening BBQ! We hope you're enjoying your week too!

Day 1- We're here! Fellside is now full of 30 excited and energetic Sicklingborough/Goldshall pupils and 4 similarly excited (although a little less energetic) staff. We have eaten our sumptuous and rather splendid packed lunches, orienteered three separate routes, including a challenging fell route and we have just, at the time of writing, enjoyed a large and tasty meal of chicken, potates and carrots. Our pudding was a tasty apple crumble drizzled with creamy custard (should I become a menu writer?). 

We are now getting ready for our night walk which will give us an opportunity to meet the locals (sheep and lambs), head out into the wilds and wear a head torch or two. Check back for our update tomorrow, we will have slept by then. We will also have eaten a big breakfast which provides a great opportunity for more description. Enjoy your Monday evening- we certainly are! 

Lots of love,


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